IMB Outfitters and Skunk Ape Tree Stands

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We purchased several dozen of the Skunk Ape Tree Stands this past Fall. Our clients loved them, both archery and gun alike. I took this 164 inch Missouri Monster out of one of our Skunk Ape Tree Stands. They are very comfortable, have lots of room, are safe, secure, etc. etc. We love our Skunk Ape Tree stands here at IMB Outfitters with deer hunts in the Midwest.


(Darrin Bradley is an accomplished outdoor writer, is on 36 Pro Staff’s in the Hunt Industry, is an 18 year owner of IMB Outfitters located in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, with over 54 record book big game animals to his credit. We are the official ladder stand of IMB Outfitters and are proud partners with them. –John R. Hackett, Owner, Skunk Ape Tree Stands)