‘Git-R-Done’: Trump opens 1.4 million federal acres to hunters, anglers

· Reading Time: 3 minutes

President Trump isn’t much of an outdoorsman, aside from golf. But maybe more than any president since Teddy Roosevelt, he understands the importance of others getting outside to boat, hunt, fish, shoot, and hike and their demands for access to federal lands and waterways. “He’s basically said, ‘Git-R-Done,’” … Read More

10 Weird Whitetails Join The Freak Deer Collection

· Reading Time: 9 minutes

Because our messages and mission are founded on proven science, QDMA has built a reputation over 31 years for knowledge and credibility – which means, among other things, that our members turn to us when they encounter something they can’t explain. We could almost staff a full-time Department … Read More

Where, When and How to Find More Shed Antlers

· Reading Time: 4 minutes

One of the more enjoyable late-winter activities for me is getting out with friends and family hiking in search of shed antlers. I wish I was fortunate enough to scour every square inch of the properties I hunt in search of them, but time just doesn’t allow that, … Read More

Conservation In America

· Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Economic Impact of the American Hunter: By: John R. Hackett Since 2008, the number of hunters in the United States of America has averaged 17.35 million people per year. Their money is being spent on licenses, fees, goods, and services. Hunters’ money is also being spent on … Read More

Camouflage Cloth

· Reading Time: 2 minutes

During this year, our first deer season on the market, Rhett and I have done several trade shows and events that have allowed us to get out, show the stand and introduce it along with ourselves to the public. During these interactions with folks and, additionally, messages through … Read More

Types of Hunters

· Reading Time: 4 minutes

Which type of hunter are you?   Through the years I have had the opportunity to observe individuals, including myself, along with their hunting behaviors.  It always amazes me how unique the individuals are themselves, but their hunting behavior always seems to fit into four categories: the Killer, … Read More

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